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Gensokyo Defenders | Featured ImageSony-backed publisher Unties is bringing a rather unique entry in the Touhou Project series to Steam later this month. Launching on April 25th, 2019, Gensokyo Defenders is a “blistering shoot-em-up tower defense game” which is currently available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It features 25 stages, 19 bosses, and the option for online, cooperative multiplayer. A brief description of the game (combined from the Nintendo Switch eShop listing and the press release) can be found below.

Blistering shoot-em-up action meets tactical tower defense as you choose from almost 20 popular characters to stop the fairy onslaught! Take advantage of their unique powers and a selection of tricky Traps to freeze, fry, and blow your enemies away!

Gensokyo Defenders pulls from more than 20 years of shared lore in the Touhou Project to give each of the 20 playable witches and fairies abilities thematic to their personality. Each girl comes with a set of three spell cards such as freezing enemies in place or building barriers to prevent escape from trap zones, as well as bullets to fire using twin-stick controls for extra damage.

Once the Steam version has launched, the existing Switch copy of Gensokyo Defenders will be given a free DLC pack which will add additional stages, traps, and playable characters. These characters include Toyosatomimi no Miko, an immortal Buddhist saint, Byakuren Hijiri, a nun with the ability to wield magic, and Yakumo Yukari who can “manipulate boundaries of all kinds”. All of this DLC content will be included in the new Steam release as well.

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Gensokyo Defenders launches on Steam in a little over a week and is priced at $19.99. It will feature English and Japanese text options along with full Japanese audio. If you’d like to learn more about this title, have a look at our review of the Switch version, head over to Unties’ official website, or have a look at the trailer below.

SOURCE: Press Release


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