We’ve gotten our first real taste of the new entry to the Ys series recently. Some small snippets of gameplay showing off two characters, White Cat and Hawk, and their unique abilities. White Cat can be seen running up walls throughout a city environment. Meanwhile, Hawk has a glide ability that allows him to span large distances. These characters are known as “Monstrum”, named for the supernatural abilities they possess. We also have our first glimpse of the protagonist Adol, who is sporting a curious claw on his left arm. Unfortunately, this is all we’ve been given, though I imagine Falcom will slowly drip out more news building up to its release date later this year.

This first video shows off the character White Cat and their Heavens Run ability:

This next video showcases the character Hawk and his Hunter Glide ability:

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is set to release this Fall for PlayStation 4 in Japan. No news of a possible localization yet.


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