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Koei Tecmo has released Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation on Steam. Previously only available in Japanese through game distribution service DMM, the Steam release is multi-language, including English. Technically it’s not a worldwide release, with the game’s store page region-locked to Singapore and unavailable in North America, although it can still be downloaded through SteamDB. The game is free to play, with microtransactions in-game like other, similar gacha-style games. There is also now an English version of the game’s official site, with a link to the game’s region-locked Steam store page.

In other Dead or Alive news, Koei Tecmo posted on Twitter about an upcoming update for Dead or Alive 6. The update is slated for March 29, and will include more DLC from the season pass, bug fixes and some unspecified rebalancing. Notably missing from this update is online lobbies, originally set to be added to the game by the end of March. According to the post, lobbies have been delayed, and will be added in April.

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