oprainfall | NightCry Vita

oprainfall | NightCry Vita


Playism has announced that NightCry is available now for the PlayStation Vita handheld console on the North American PlayStation store. However, its release date on the European PlayStation store will be revealed soon. European players shouldn’t have to wait too long.

NightCry is a tragic 3D horror adventure set on a luxurious passenger ship. That means there is no escape unless you want to drown in the sea. This was supposed to be a fun and relaxing cruise for the main characters. Unfortunately, everything goes to hell when a series of gruesome murders rock the ship. Paranoia begins to run rampant as the passengers lose the ability to trust each other.


Given that there is no escape, the body count keeps growing, as the “Scissorwalker” unleashes its wrath unhindered. Weapons are useless against this immortal and bloodthirsty killer. All that is left is to find defense, and keep well-hidden as you try desperately to stay alive and somehow survive the ordeal.

NightCry has multiple branching paths to explore, and multiple endings. Your game gets saved whenever you reach one of those branch points, allowing you to restart from those spots. Your fate is in your hands alone. It depends on who you decide to help and what you find. Only time will tell what becomes of you. The press release includes a special comment about the game from Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead, and Original Spider-Man Trilogy):

“Takashi Shimizu’s NightCry is the type of experience that makes you sleep with the lights on: a killer premise supplemented by fantastic visuals. Knowing the great work being done in video games today, I can’t wait to be fully immersed in this seafaring horror. “

You can find out more about NightCry at the official website, or purchase it on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation Vita.

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