Kingdom Hearts III | Logo

Kingdom Hearts III | Logo

It’s just been announced this morning on the official KINGDOM HEARTS twitter that the game will be receiving various updates and additions at the end of the month. Read on down below for more details.

January 29th: Update 1.01 will go out which has various data fixes. There will also be a Memory Archive added to the title menu. You can view it at any time. This archive will contain a break down of everything that’s happened in the series up to KINGDOM HEARTS III.

January 30th: An epilogue video will be released. Players need to have finished KINGDOM HEARTS III and already watched the ending to view this.

January 31st: A secret video will release. Players have to have finished KH 3 and finished certain criteria to view the video. The criteria is different depending on which difficulty you chose.

They’ve stated that these various DLC updates are additional content for the game. The main game players are able to enjoy fully and view the ending without an internet connection. But to get the extra content, you do need an internet connection to update the game.

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