Off-Screen Play
Off-Screen play is headed our way soon.

Gather round, fellow hunters! Good news is on the horizon! The official Monster Hunter Facebook page surprised fans with a release date regarding the Wii U specific update for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ‘s cross-region play between Europe and America, and the integration of off-screen play!

Starting April 16th, Monster Hunters we’ll be able to partake in toppling massive beasts with their European or American brethren- just like its predecessor, Monster Hunter Tri. And like stated above, you’ll soon be able to rely solely on the Wii U Gamepad with off-screen play. So, say for instance, it’s quiet time around your living quarters, and noises emitted from the television means angry parents/roommates. Well, now you can solve that problem all together! Using off-screen play with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, you- the hunter -can control,view, and hear  the game all via the gamepad (and it’s headphone jack)!

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Arik Yates
Former Contributor- Arik (yes, it's with an "A") is an aspiring video game journalist and professional monster hunter. He joined Operation Rainfall in January of 2013 and has been following since the Xenoblade days. His gaming obsessions include Uncharted, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, No More Heroes, and Bioshock.