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The surprise success of Octopath Traveler has opened up more opportunities for the team behind, Square Enix Business Division 11. For the producers Tomoya Asano and Masashi Takahashi, the success had given them tremendous confidence moving forward.

The two producers have worked together since 2012’s Bravely Default for the Nintendo 3DS. Asano and Takahashi have shared their thoughts and plans for 2019 during Famitsu’s year-end talk with various Japanese developers.

Tomoya Asano

“In 2019 we’ll have a challenge that is different from what we’ve had up to now with Octopath Traveler and the Bravely series. I’ll do my best! Business Division 11 is moving forward with the development of several games. Each one will surely please you guys! It will still be a little while until we can share information, but please look forward to it.”

Masashi Takahashi

“We received support from so many people in 2018, and we were able to release a brand-new title, Octopath Traveler. I’ll keep working on console games in 2019, too! First, we’ll properly reflect on ourselves before heading into the next season of preparations. I’ll do my utmost best to make games you can look forward to— from the Octopath series, the Bravely series, a new series, and more.”

Asano had previously mentioned that they were working on several Switch titles, but not necessarily just Switch games. If their success can extend even beyond what Octopath Traveler could produce, 2019 could be a huge year for the team.



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