Well guys, this is the first Nintendo Download since the end of Smashing Saturdays. Technically they aren’t related, other than the fact I wrote both. While it’s sad to retire the latter once more, I’m glad I can continue covering cool Nintendo games here. This week is a bit abrupt, but that just means more of a focus on surprising indie titles than AAA fare. Plus the usual sales, activities and new digital games. Let’s see what’s worth playing this week.

Nintendo Download | GRIS

I’ve enjoyed a lot of games published by Devlover Digital, but never seen one quite like GRIS. It’s described as a game where a young girl travels through her own sorrow, and her dress determines her abilities. That sounds like a roundabout way to say it’s a Metroidvania to me, but it may be more of an art / exploration platformer. Either way, GRIS has stunning artwork and a haunting soundtrack. It certainly sounds like an interesting title, and one worth exploring. But that’s not all this week. The well received Firewatch is finally coming to Nintendo Switch next week, showing that GRIS isn’t alone being a quirky new release on a Nintendo console. Lastly if you enjoy classic Adventure games, you might enjoy Quarantine Circular. I wasn’t kidding when I said lots of indie titles this week. Now let’s continue with some activities.

Nintendo Download | Firewatch

Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online – These three games are now available in the service:

  • Adventures of Lolo – After the love of his life, Lala, is kidnapped by the devilish King Egger and taken to his haunted castle, our hero, Lolo, sets out to rescue her. The journey is perilous, as the Great Devil’s fortress is guarded by a massive army. But Lolo has a few tricks up his sleeve. Combining clever environmental puzzles with tricky enemies and an engaging style, Adventures of Lolo is a true classic.
  • Ninja Gaiden – Take on the role of Ryu Hayabusa, a rising ninja in his family’s clan who travels to America to seek vengeance for his father’s death. Fight your way through six challenging side-scrolling chapters/14 stages (not including boss battles) while defeating gangs of street thugs, battling evil ninjas and fighting barbarian bosses by using the deadly Dragon Sword, ninja skills and ninja magic.
  • Wario’s Woods – Control Toad as he scrambles along the bottom of the screen picking up monsters and bombs and arranging them vertically, horizontally and diagonally to clear the screen of enemies. This game features several modes of play, such as basic, lesson and time race. If you like puzzle games like Dr. Mario, you will definitely love this one!

Nintendo Download | Omensight: Definitive Edition

The Game Guide has a good number of sales this week, so let’s see what might be fun to try out. If you love portable sim games, you might love Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns (3DS) for $19.49; for racing mayhem, there’s Fast Racing Neo (Wii U) for $11.99; for discounted lucha fun, you can enjoy Guacamelee! 2 (Switch) discounted to $17.99; for space combat, look no further than Astebreed (Switch) for $15.99; or for a simple RPG, you might enjoy Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix (Switch) for $10.39; to teach the next generation of heroes, you can play Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story (Switch) for $9.59; or for fun with skeletons, you have Dokuro (Switch) for $7.19; fans of rhythm games need look no further than Old School Musical (Switch) for $9.99; if you love pixels, you’ll love Kero Blaster (Switch) for only $6.99; for multiplayer mayhem, you can try Treadnauts (Switch) for $7.99; to take a chance on a unique looking game, try Semblance (Switch) for $6.99; or to roll the dice, try Hand of Fate 2 (Switch) for $22.49; for a fond nod to Mega Man, you should check out 20XX (Switch) for $10.79; or for platforming craziness, check out Runbow (Switch) for $10.49; for D&D without a group of buddies, Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition (Switch) is a lot of fun for $10.49; if you missed them on 3DS, check out Fairune Collection (Switch) for only $6.99; if you love JRPGs, you might enjoy Earthlock (Switch) half off at $14.95; if you love SHMUPS with a plot, try out Tachyon Project (Switch) for only $4.99; or for a steep discount on another SHMUP, there’s The Next Penelope (Switch) for only $4.99; if you love quirky hybrid games, give a shot at Transcripted (Switch) for $4.49; fans of cutesy heroes are sure to love Yono and the Celestial Elephants (Switch) for $8.99; or for tricky platforming, try Slime-san (Switch) for $7.19; for portable puzzling, try 6180 the moon (3DS) for $2.99; or for colorful blasting, there’s Graceful Explosion Machine (Switch) now for $8.99; and finally, for a steep discount on your favorite shinobi, enjoy Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson (3DS) for the low price of $9.89. For everything else on sale, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Solar Flux

The following digital titles are out next week. For obstacle course mayhem with a glossy coat of paint, there’s Hyperide: Vector Raid. Or if you prefer management style games set in the apocalypse, you might enjoy Sheltered. For everything out this week, just keep on reading.

Nintendo Download | Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story

Retro fans have a couple great options this week – ACA NEOGEO Twinkle Star Sprites and Arcade Archives Double Dragon II The Revenge. What’s that, you want more retro? Well that’s fine, since there’s also SEGA AGES Phantasy Star and Atari Flashback Classics out this week. If you love SHMUPs, then there’s Blue Rider and Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story. For old school RPG fun, try Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Deluxiest Edition. Puzzle fans have three options to check out – Starman, Solar Flux and Almightree: The Last Dreamer. If you love Metroidvania styled games, Hunter’s Legacy: Purrfect Edition may be for you. And finally, if you love supernatural murder mysteries, you should enjoy Omensight: Definitive Edition.

Nintendo Download | Twinkle Star Sprites

Not a bad week, huh? Thanks as always for joining us at oprainfall for your Nintendo Download, and be sure to tune in next week!

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