Eleven Arts revealed the cast on Thursday for its English-dubbed screenings of Kyoto Animation and Naoko Yamada’s Liz and the Blue Bird anime film.

The dub cast includes:

Laurie Hymes as Mizore Yoroizuka

Stephanie Sheh as Nozomi Kasaki, Tsubomi

Courtney Shaw as Liz, Blue Girl

Xanthe Huynh as Ririka

Megan Harvey as Yuko

Sarah Williams as Natsuki

Ryan Bartley as Ms. Niyama

Wayne Grayson as Noboru

Mike Pollock as Mr. Hashimoto

Cristina Vee as Reina

Carrie Savage as Meiko

Cassandra Lee Morris as Saphire

In addition, Brittney Lee Hamilton, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, and Michael Schneider will provide additional voices.

The film will open in United States theaters with English subtitles and an English dub on Friday. Eleven Arts will reveal the film’s Canadian screening date at a later date.

The Japan Film Festival of San Francisco, which ran from September 28 to October 7 at the NEW PEOPLE Cinema, screened the film. LA Femme International Film Festival also screened the film on October 14. Anime Expo screened the film in July.

The film opened in Japan on April 21 and earned 53,573,900 yen (about US$492,400) in its opening weekend.

The film is the first of two planned all-new anime films for the Sound! Euphonium franchise, based on Ayano Takeda’s Sound! Euphonium novel series. Liz and the Blue Bird is based on the Sound! Euphonium – The Kitauji High School Concert Band’s Turbulent Second Movement: Part 2 novel.

The film focuses on flutist Nozomi Kasaki and oboist Mizore Yoroizuka, the characters who were also the focus of the Sound! Euphonium 2 anime’s first half. In the film, both Nozomi and Mizore are in their final year of high school, and Nozomi has rejoined the band. The band’s new competition piece, “Liz and the Blue Bird,” has a flute and oboe duet, which requires both Nozomi and Mizore to be coordinated. But while both have been together since middle school, Mizore is uneasy at the thought of being separated from Nozomi once more at the end of the year, which begins to affect not just their music, but also their relationship.

Naoko Yamada (K-ON!A Silent Voice) directed the film off scripts by Reiko Yoshida (K-ON!Yowamushi Pedal). Futoshi Nishiya (A Silent VoiceFree!, episode animation director for both television anime seasons) returned to design the characters. Mutsuo Shinohara (A Silent VoiceClannad) returned as art director. Kensuke Ushio (A Silent VoiceSpace Dandy) composed the music.

Source: Press Release

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