The wireless and online multiplayer modes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in today’s Direct were exhaustively detailed. With local wireless, up to eight Nintendo Switch systems can connect via the pull-up menu in the main menu at any time. Online play shares some similarities with the previous Super Smash Bros. on Wii U, but with many changes and additions.

Online matches are no longer divided by “For Fun” and “For Glory”, but are now match made by preferred user settings. Players can customize the time limit, stock, stage forms, and items and be paired with similar players, though this is not always guaranteed. As before, repeated self-destructs force players out of play with a penalty.

Global Smash Power makes a return from Wii U, now with every fighter having their own Smash Power score. This helps pair players of similar skill in battles. Also back are pre-set text messages that map to the D-Pad of your controller. New is voice chat that is available through the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app.

New to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s online are Elite Battles, which become available with a high enough Smash Power level. Every player has to make a Smash Tag (online ID) for the game by default, and in Elite Battles, you can collect them from defeated opponents.

Spectator Mode returns, and as before, it lets you place bets on pre-recorded matches rather than live ones. You can also play other modes while waiting to find a match, as opposed to the usual practice arena where you pummel a sandbag. With all online, Nintendo recommends users use a wired LAN connection for maximum stability.

Finally, a Smash World mobile component will launch in 2019, allowing players to share screenshots and video replays. Further updates will roll out in the future of Smash World. This makes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate the second Switch game with its own specific mobile app companion, the other being Splatoon 2‘s Splatnet.

Alex Irish
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