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The Nintendo Switch Online app is currently rolling out around the world on iOS and Android. The fresh app facilitates the creation of lobbies, voice chat, and match-making. For now, the only game it specifically works for is Splatoon 2 and its tie-in SplatNet 2 feature. For the app’s features to work with the game, you will need to make sure Splatoon 2 is updated to the newest firmware.

And so, the process: you’ll be able to send an invite from the game or select whom you invite to your lobby via the app, be they Switch users, social media friends, or players you’ve previously interacted with. Communication is limited to friends only, as is customary on Nintendo systems. You can join other players in an online lounge, then the app will automatically split you and your invitees into teams once a match begins. SplatNet 2 also lets you keep track of your current ranking, purchase gear in the SplatNet Gear Shop, and see your overall stats, such as lifetime Inkage.

There are limitations however. Your voice will cut out from other users if you should turn your phone off or exit the app (but you’ll still hear their voices). That means you’ll be forced to keep your phone’s screen on and ignore all notifications and phone calls. You’ll also need a splitter if you want to use headphones to hear voice chat and game audio at the same time, as in Hori’s Splatoon 2 headset with just such an inclusion.

From general consensus, the app has been poorly received in its early state, as seen below. For those users unsatisfied, you are able to send Nintendo feedback through the app to vent complaints. Splatoon 2 launches worldwide on July 21st, right as this app goes live to enterprising Switch users.


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