Two months shy of their release, Nintendo put out a trailer showcasing the unlocks given from the upcoming Octoling amiibo for Splatoon 2. As with the previous Inkling amiibo, these come with their own exclusive gear sets that can be worn in battle and leveled up to sport unique combat modifiers.

The Octoling Boy carries the Steel gear set (which bears some comparisons to the aesthetic of Dark Souls), the Octoling Girl has the Enchanted witch-like gear, and the Octopus itself unlocks the Fresh Fish set, an odd mascot costume of sorts.
The Octoling amiibo 3-Pack launches on December 7th, the same day as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and a new wave of its own amiibo, and retails for $34.99 USD, the standard for any amiibo trio package.

Alex Irish
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