Code of Princess

Code of Princess is a game much loved by many members of Oprainfall’s American staff. However, us poor buggers living in the PAL region have yet to receive this 3DS gem in our stores – a torment which is not made easier by the 3DS’s dreaded region lock.  Sure, we know for certain that a localisation is on its way; however no news of a solid release date is in sight.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of news regarding OTHER factors of the game’s PAL release.

In an email responding a fan asking for – you guessed it – a release date, the customer support at Agatsuma Entertainment has revealed that the European title will be available for download “through Nintendo eShop ONLY”.

Many may be disappointed about hearing this, and my inner collector sympathises with you, though here are some positives to consider:

  1. Downloadable only means no production and shipping time, which in turn means lessened wait to play.
  2. No need to waste time switching cartridges when you want to play, as it’s already available right there on the home screen.
  3. No need to feel embarrassed when you go to buy a copy of a game with an almost-naked girl on the cover.
  4. Digital downloads help preserve nature! Now you can play Code of Princess and feel like a hero, and NOT a pervert.

Can you think of any more positives? Or perhaps you’d like to share your cynicism. Make sure to comment and let us know.


Ben Clarke
Former Volunteer- Ben was an author for oprainfall