Princess Principal

HIDIVE has announced that they will have gained the rights to the English dub of Princess Principal. The dub will premiere for the service starting on September 21 with episodes added every Friday. Here’s a brief description of the series from HIDIVE.

“Albion is a nation divided into the Kingdom of Albion and the Commonwealth of Albion. After a decade of separation, the Commonwealth launches a daring plan, “Operation Changeling,” in hopes of reuniting the two halves by replacing the current princess with a look-a-like sympathetic to the Commonwealth cause. However, much to the spies’ surprise, the princess wants to help change the kingdom from within and agrees to support the cause. Together, this highly-specialized and strategic team engage in espionage, sword fights and action-packed missions to help the citizens Albion.”

Princess Principal can currently be viewed on HIDIVE and on Amazon Video. In other news with the series, there are six sequel films planned to start next year.

SOURCE: Press Release

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