Shining Song Starnova

Shining Song Starnova Screen

The visual novel Shining Song Starnova is now out on GOG. In addition to a standard edition, a limited edition of the game is also available.  If you aren’t familiar with the game here’s a brief description from the game’s page on GOG.

“YOU are Mr. Producer – it’s your job to make these girls’ dreams come true! Will you and the girls successfully navigate the industry and become the greatest idols in the nation? Shining Song Starnova is a dramatic and gripping story about the path to stardom. Just remember: Even though it may seem dark, the light at the end is always shining!

This visual novel features seven different heroines to choose from, and is partially voiced by popular Japanese voice talents!”

Shining Song Starnova is available on PC. A limited edition version which comes with the soundtrack and a vocal collection is also available on GOG.

SOURCE: Press Release

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