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Hori Introducing GameCube-Style Switch Controllers This Fall

Perpetual peripheral producer Hori has announced their line of GameCube-inspired USB Switch controllers due to launch in Japan this October. The starting line-up includes gamepads inspired by Mario, Zelda, and Pikachu. As has been customary with third party wired-USB controllers, enhanced features like HD Rumble, NFC, and motion sensing will be excluded.

Right in time for December’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, when in doubt, players can substitute Nintendo’s official (and premium priced) GameCube controller and USB adapter for a discount variant. Hori released a similar product when Super Smash Bros. for Wii U launched in 2014, although those controllers were Classic Controller Pros for the Wii Remote.

No international release of Hori’s GameCube-esque controllers has been hinted at, but Power-A does appear to be making their own GameCube-style USB controllers for west, leaked before E3 but still formally unannounced . Hori’s new pads launch in Japan for ¥3,218 each, or $30 USD.

Alex Irish
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