Gosh! Those cellphone games sure are all the rage these days. Every franchise seems to be entering the market with their own take on the gacha formula, and soon Disgaea will be one of them. Nippon Ichi Software and ForwardWorks are working together on a Disgaea mobile game tentatively titled Makai Senki Disaea. Check out the trailer below:

In this quite animated trailer Kaori Mizuhashi, Lahral’s Japanese voice actress, is asked what Disgaea means to her. Her answer? “That it robs you of your time.” You can also see some gameplay as well as a few of the characters that will be featured.

Like most gacha style mobile gamesĀ Makai Senki Disae will be free-to-play with optional in app purchases. It’s not currently known if it’ll see a western release but it wouldn’t really be surprising if it did at this point. You can expect another trailer to be revealed at the “Zentai” event happening August 4th-5th.


Aaron Evangelisti
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