Super Skull Smash | Combat

What’s a hero to do when he’s assaulted by a horde of bone bags, ghosts and vampires? That question will be answered next week with the release of Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo on PlayStation, Steam, Humble and It officially releases July 17th and is developed by TACS Games and published by Poppy Works. As for what the game is about, it’s essentially a crazed platformer with delightfully retro graphics. You know, the kind of game I love. To find out more about the game, just read the full press details below and check out the sweet trailer as well.

Super Skull Smash | Boss

The Evil King is back in this exciting sequel, and he’s causing Trouble again in the Kingdom of Bones! He’s concocted a new spell that will unleash hordes of skeletons, zombies, ghosts and even vampires. Run, jump and super-skull-smash your way through the kingdom purifying the land as you go. Battle giant robot skeleton bosses and avoid deadly traps.

Journey through the eight unique lands in the Kingdom of Bones bashing monsters and solving puzzles as you go. Earn bonus hearts and find hidden secrets galore!

The villagers are relying on you once again. Can you defeat the Evil King and and his outmoded ways?

Josh Speer
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