Capcom is launching the much-anticipated PC port of Monster Hunter World on August 9th. Having released worldwide on PS4 and Xbox One this past January, Capcom promises the PC port’s visuals will be on par with the console versions.

The late release will additionally benefit on PC with presentation options up to 60 frames per second and resolutions up to 4K, depending on your set-up. Capcom’s Unity Blog further lays out system requirements for playing Monster Hunter World on PC at the bare minimum.

Monster Hunter World‘s Steam page is now live and allowing pre-orders. Those who jump in before the game’s PC launch next month can procure the exclusive Origin Armor Set and Fair Wind Charm. Speaking to PC Gamer, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto promised “a free update” post-launch to improve the game’s visuals even further.

To date, the soft refresh of the Monster Hunter franchise has sold 7.5 million copies worldwide, making it Capcom’s best-selling game of all time.

Alex Irish
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