XBlaze Code: Embryo | oprainfall

XBlaze Code: Embryo | oprainfall

Aksys Games has announced they will localize the visual novel Xblaze Code: Embryo for North America this summer. This PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 title takes place within the BlazBlue universe, although it doesn’t include the fighting-game mechanics the franchise is so well-known for.

Still, with a story that takes place 100 years prior to that of the main BlazBlue timeline, Xblaze Code: Embryo promises to bring a lot to the table for fans. Players will lead high-school student Touya Kagari through the strange, supernatural, and magical occurrences of his own life that begin happening after he meets a mysterious girl named Es. Aksys promises a unique visual novel experience that runs on a “TOi” system, so rather than one of the many endings being decided solely on making in-game choices, the game’s outcome will be determined by what players choose to read and what information they choose to pursue.

An Amazon.com listing for the game lists the release date as June 24, 2014, but since Aksys hasn’t mentioned a release date themselves, fans would be wise to take that info with a grain of salt. If you’re still itching to pre-order your copy now, check out the Amazon.com links below.

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