Aksys Games have announced at their Anime Expo 2018 panel that they are localising the Experience Inc. horror visual novel Death Mark (known as Shiin in Japan) for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PS Vita. The game will release in North America and Europe, however no release window has been announced.

Here is a description of the game, via VNDB.

The Tokyo metropolitan area’s H City. In this suburban city, a strange rumor has been spreading recently. Those who possess the «mark» will die. The «mark» is unexpectedly engraved onto the body, as if it was a chewed up birthmark, and is said to result in an unknown death.

As a matter of fact, a strange incident occurred where someone met a suspicious death. This incident has become an urban legend, and has propagated various speculation such as it being the result of a ghost encounter somewhere or unknowingly coming into contact with a curse.

Having lost your memory, you stand before a western-style house said to protect those who possess the «mark». As if drawn to something, when the doors to the house open, you’re greeted by a beautiful doll who is the lord of the mansion.

«Welcome to Kujou Mansion.»

The doll continued to speak.

«You will die if you stay like this.»

«But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to be saved.»

The countdown to «death» had already begun…


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