Sakura Sakura | Boy lays in girl's lap.

Entergram have announced in this week’s Weekly Famitsu that they are releasing console ports of the Hiqo Soft-developed romance visual novel Sakura, Sakura to PS4 and PS Vita on 25th October in Japan. It will launch in a regular edition for 5,980 yen and 8,980 yen for the limited edition.

Sakura, Sakura originally released in 2008 as an 18+ title for PC. It was previously ported to the PSP by GN Software and Piacci in 2010 with the subtitle Haru Urara. While Entergram are handling the PS4 and PS Vita ports for the Japanese market, Sol Press will be bringing Sakura, Sakura to PC in English as both an all ages and 18+ title in 2018.

Here’s a descrption, via the Steam page:

Sakura Sakura is a romantic comedy about two overbearing Sakuras and their light-hearted love triangle. Follow the story of Tohru Inaba as he attempts to navigate the complicated see-saw of love.

The Dorm Guardian vs. The School Guardian
Tohru Inaba has always dreamed of living a co-ed life. That’s why, when he finally managed to transfer into the renowned Rintoku Academy, he immediately fell head over heels for two Sakuras!

Nanako Sakura’s classes are strict, but at home, she turns into an overbearing mother.

Sakura Kirishima may seem cold and unfriendly, but she is always ready to lend a helping hand as the class representative.

These two girls are outwardly indifferent to Tohru, but put the three of them together and sparks begin to fly.

In the sakura-colored season of spring, two fussy Sakuras have been caught in a light-hearted love triangle.


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