Another MangaGamer-published all ages visual novel is coming to physical format. Today, MangaGamer have announced that they have opened preorders for a hardcopy release of the Answer Arcs in the Umineko When They Cry suspense visual novel series.

Developed by 07th Expansion and written by Ryukishi07, this critically-acclaimed story is set in a Western mansion on an island in the 1980s where a rich family meet up in order to work out how to distribute the assets of Kinzō Ushiromiya, the head of the family whom is near their death. However they get trapped on the island thanks to a typhoon then mysterious murders start to happen.

This release is the second half of the Umineko story (arcs 5-8). The events in this release follows the story set up in the Question Arcs (arcs 1-4) that is currently available physically and digitally via MangaGamer.

The hardcopy includes a physical DRM-free disc, a reversible cover and a card containing a Steam key and will cost $24.95 before shipping. There is no preorder discount. The hardcopies will ship on 12th July. However, attendees of Anime Expo 2018 will be able to acquire copies at MangaGamer’s booth.

If you wish to order a copy, you can preorder it via MangaGamer’s webstore here (NSFW).

Furthermore, the digital version of the Answer Arcs is also currently available via and Steam.


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