I’ve played a ton of crazy games in the past. Lately a lot come from the crew at Devolver Digital, but they hardly have a monopoly on creative violence. Now the fine folks at Mega Cat Studios are putting their hats into the ring to bring gamers something truly strange. It’s a game I demoed firsthand back at E3, and I saw a metric ton of potential. It’s called Bite the Bullet, and it’s a very literal game. You devour different items (and creatures) to evolve your hero into powerful new forms in this run and gun RPG rogue-like. That’s a mouthful, but then again, so is the game.

Bite the Bullet | Character Select

The good news is, Bite the Bullet isn’t too far away! So if you weren’t fortunate enough to demo it at a convention, you’ll soon be able to play it on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. It’s gonna officially be out August 13th. So if you love games like Metal Slug but wanted something with more spice, be sure to check it out. If you’re still not convinced, kindly read the press release and watch the trailer below!

Bite the Bullet | Food Heroes

Fill Your Gut With Bullets, Zombies, and More With the Release of Run & Gun Eater Bite the Bullet on August 13th

Roguelike Role-Playing Game From Mega Cat Studios and Graffiti Games to Launch on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

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Vancouver – July 22, 2020 – Make a reservation for the exhilarating, bullet-mayhem, zombie-devouring action of the world’s first Run & Gun & Eat game with the release of Bite the Bullet from developer Mega Cat Studios and publisher Graffiti Games. The exciting new title launches on Steam (PC) and Nintendo Switch August 13th for $14.99 USD, while also releasing the following day, August 14th, on Xbox One.

Bite the Bullet | Boid

Players can Wishlist Bite the Bullet on Steam, and starting next week they can pre-order the game in the Nintendo eShop and Microsoft Store. Those wanting to try a taste of Bite the Bullet prior to launch can download a special demo during the Xbox Summer Game Fest.

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To celebrate the upcoming launch, Graffiti Games and Mega Cat released a new trailer showcasing the intense shooter action. Gluttony never looked so fun!

Bite the Bullet is the world’s first Run & Gun & Eat. In this roguelite RPG shooter players must eat enemies, bullets and more to powerup their character, weapons, and abilities. Gun down zombies, robots and giant mutant bosses with a barrage of bullets before chowing down on their corpses to craft new weapons, unlock new abilities and special attacks, and transform into a powerful Zombro form to smash foes. Explore four character classes and a skill tree based on a player’s selected diet – and remember, you are what you eat!

“For years now, we told our friends and fans ‘Show me your meat, Show me your greens,’ and they have spoken,” says Nick Mann, Game Designer at Mega Cat Studios. “These graphic email responses are coming to an end, and we are so excited to release Bite the Bullet for the world to taste. Bite the Bullet is to food games what Instagram is to eating out.”

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Key Features Include

  • Devour enemies to powerup Chewy/Chewella, weapons, and abilities.
  • Chow down on everything – enemies, walls, even bullets.
  • Play solo or with a friend in local co-op.
  • Four character classes (Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore, and Robovore – which means eating metal) that have their own unique abilities and perks.
  • Gorge on 50 levels.
  • Character customizations with a deep, branching skill tree.
  • Loot powerful weapons with fun modifiers such as Spicy Critter Cannons.
  • Craft exotic new weapons by wolfing down special types of characters and enemies.
  • Eat enemies to energize skills and special attacks.
  • Use a highly advanced shield for protection from oncoming fire or knock enemies away.
  • Earn action hero bandanas by fully completing each world.
  • Chew carefully – every enemy has its own nutritional information, and a body type will change based on the types of enemies consumed.
  • Transform into the powerful Zombro form and smash enemies into bite-sized bits.
Josh Speer
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