Brawlout | PACO

Way back when I last visited PAX, me and Chris Melchin tried our hand at a fun little fighting game called Brawlout. Made by Angry Mob Games and quickly compared to Smash Bros., it nevertheless kept our interest and felt fresh and entertaining enough that I wanted to see more. Well, I got what I wanted, since the only thing I didn’t get to try during PAX was the luchador frog grappler, Paco! According to the developers, Paco is “definitely a threat up-close and on the ground, but he can also surprise his opponents mid-air with his long-reaching and grabbing tongue.” Sounds quite cheeky and fun! Best of all, he has tons of grab moves to mess with foes, piledriving them into submission.

Brawlout | Animal Madness

But that’s not all, as Angry Mob Games has announced that as of December 21st, the closed beta will go live on Steam. If you are interested in signing up, just click here. This will let fans get a taste of what is to come a few months before the official release, as well as testing their lucahdor skills with Paco! Overall I’m quite excited about seeing the full version of Brawlout, and make sure to stay tuned to oprainfall for more news about the game as it hits. And check out the sweet reveal trailer for Paco below!

Josh Speer
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