Shown off at Microsoft’s E3 conference, the new Forza Horizon 4 was given gameplay footage and extensive information on how it plays. Featuring an open world, the new Forza plays more arcade like to fit in with the Horizon games while taking place in a varied Britain countryside. Adding to that open world is a brand new dynamic weather changing system; correlating to real world seasons, the weather will effect cars and the world with how races play out. It gets better with a shared open world, so other players will experience the same changed open world and you can even race them.

It all looks great and performs wonderfully thus as well. Check out the trailer below.

Arvind Radakrishnan
Arvind is a YouTube Let's Player who aspires to become a future programmer in a gaming company. He enjoys doing many things game related from cosplay, collectibles, making videos of them and some variants of games. He plays action/adventure, survival horror, and RPGs mainly.