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NieR Automata Logo

In translated interviews with director Toko Taro and Yosuke Saito by Dengenki Online and Famitsu, it was confirmed today that NieR: Automata will in fact be set in a different era and will have little story connection to the prior Square Enix-published game NieR. However, if you have previously played NieR, there will be callbacks in characters and events to the previous game.

The interviews revealed that the game development is going well. It was said that there will be a ton of unannounced weapons, that costume DLC is a possibility, and the game has a “wonderfully happy ending”. Additionally, there will be two/three (depending on who you ask)  main characters (including YoRHa 2B). Furthermore, YoRHa 2B will focus on long-range attacks via her ‘pod’ device while the gamer uses short-range attacks. Lastly we will get more information about the title in the spring.

Who all here is excited for NieR: Automata, exclusively coming out for the PlayStation 4? I know I am!

The summary of the interviews can be found here.

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