Lost in Harmony | Featured

Lost in Harmony | Featured

Game plublisher Playdius and independent game developer Digixart Entertainment just announced that the muti-award winning game Lost in Harmony will release on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam this June 21st 2018.  Lost in Harmony is a music runner game with a unique and immersive soundtrack by famous game composers and various singers such as Wyclef Jean, Onoken, Tadayoshi Makino, Fumitake Igarashi and Godspeed Vivix. On Nintendo Switch the game will make use of both the touchscreen and Joy-Con functions with rumble.

The head of publishing at Playdius, Guillaume Jamet stated “Lost in Harmony is a wonderful addition to our Nintendo Swich lineup. We are delighted to work together with Yoan Fanise and his entire team at Digixart. They are among the most creative development studios in Montpellier in the South of France and we are happy to have the opportunity to bring their ‘out of box’ rhythm game to a new audience.”

Lost in Harmony Features:
  • Rhyme and run: Experience music in a new way with the combination of choreographed musical rhythmic tapping and running

  • Strong story lore: Discover the emotional and gripping story from the co-creator of Valiant Hearts

  • Musical experience: Moving and original soundtrack from well-known composers and singers

  • Hand-drawn graphics: Travel through 30+ breathtaking painted environments

  • Customization features: Customize your character’s clothes, hat, headphones and skateboard

For more infomation check out the official site. Also, feel free to enjoy the new trailer for the game down below.

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