Nintendo Featured

In a statement posted on Business Wire today, Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts announced a new partnership that will be bringing the video game publisher’s characters, worlds and stories to life at the popular tourist attraction in Orlando, Florida. It seems like a perfect fit for the two companies as there is definitely some crossover in their respective products and business goals. Although it is not known what IPs will be making their debuts at Universal just yet, the smart money is on Mario, Zelda and Pokémon. But maybe they’ll surprise us with a Metroid, Star Fox or F-Zero, as well.

This is a big day for both Nintendo and Universal because it marks the first time Nintendo has committed to a theme park attraction based on their properties. Anybody that’s been to Universal Parks can attest that they know how to bring movies to life. Now, with the nearly limitless charm and appeal of Nintendo’s creations, expect them to work their magic once more in turning these beloved icons of the industry into fully immersive experiences. Will this be solely a Universal production or will Nintendo ask for ways for the attractions to interface with devices such as amiibo and the 3DS family? Time will tell.

What Nintendo characters and games would you like to see come to life at Universal Parks & Resorts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Personally, I’d love a real life version of Link’s Crossbow Training and some Mario Kart action. I wouldn’t complain about a virtual Pokémon arena, either.


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