MangaGamer has announced that Tsukiware’s Newest Yuri Title, Tower of Five Hearts is coming soon. The story takes place in a world where five nations fight for power by routinely attempting to marry their daughters off to the Royal Prince. Who is the heir to the Tower of Five Hearts. The tower keeps the peace among the nations. This time however there’s a catch, the prince is a princess!

Tower of Five Hearts
There are five continents of roughly-equal size, side-by-side, and all of them meet to an approximate point in the middle. At this meeting of borders, there is a tower: The Tower of Five Hearts.

One Royal Family is in charge of upholding the peace for every continent, by marrying off their child to a prospective girl from one of the continents.

It’s more of a contest-five girls trying to be Maids, in the hope that their master (the Prince) will fall in love with them…

However this time, it’s a Princess.

The game is up for pre-order now for $13.45 with the 10% discount, and will launch on May 24th.


Steve Baltimore
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