Square Enix have announced the first details, screenshots and footage of their upcoming enhanced port of the PS Vita RPG SaGa Scarlet Grace. Titled SaGa Scarlet Grace: Hiiro no Yabou, the title will be coming to PS4, Switch, PC (Steam), iOS and Android on 2nd August. You can get the info and preview content below.

■ About

SaGa: Scarlet Grace, which follows a multilayered story through several protagonists and a free scenario with a high level of freedom, has evolved and expanded to multiple platforms. Battles, which are rooted in a Timeline system, have further expanded with “Sparks” and “Party Formation.” Experience a one-of-a-kind RPG with a unique growth system that ditches the level system.

■ New Features

In addition to characters, voices, and background music, other new and additional elements include a large number of events and side activities. There are also many system-side improvements.


All battle characters have voices. The cast includes:

  • Urpina (voiced by Maaya Uchida)
  • Leonard (voiced by Yuuma Uchida)
  • Balmaint (voiced by Taiten Kusunoki)
  • Taria (voiced by Atsuko Tanaka)
  • Mondo (voiced by Masafumi Kimura)
  • Arthur (voiced by KENN)
  • Kahn (voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue)
  • Elizabeth (voiced by Kana Asumi)

New characters include:

  • Camellia (voiced by Mie Sonozaki)
  • Savitt (voiced by Kazuma Horie)
  • Poet (voiced by ???)

Additional Events

Consecutive events related to the new characters, as well as events related to the allies of each protagonist are included. Other than that, many events such those related to things happening in the city and the exploration of various areas have been added.


A large number of techniques, arts, equipment, formations, enemies, secret bosses, and more have been added. Battles offer a greater level of freedom and wider breadth of strategy.

System and Other Improvements

  • Load times have been significantly reduced.
  • Resolution has been made high-definition.
  • Movement speed has been increased and can be configured to be even faster.
  • Players can switch between two user interfaces.
  • Party organization updates have been made.
  • Additional elements are carried over into the second playthrough.
  • Feature to change enemy strength has been implemented.
  • Many other trivial and handy features have been implemented.

■ Standard Edition

The standard edition (available physically and digitally on PlayStation 4 and Switch, digitally on PC) will cost 5,800 yen. The iOS and Android editions will cost 4,444 yen.

■ Limited Box

Available exclusively via the Square Enix e-Store (PlayStation 4SwitchSteam), the 18,500 yen Limited Box edition will include the following:

  • A copy of the game
  • SaGa Series Artworks: Tomomoi Kobayashi Book of Illustrations – A SaGa series art book of artist Tomomi Kobayashi, who worked on character designs and image illustrations for the series for more than 25 years, starting from the 1992-released Romancing SaGa to the latest title SaGa: Scarlet Grace. B4-size, full-color, 352 pages, cloth-bound, and comes in a special case.
  • SaGa: Scarlet Grace Special Sound Selection CD – In addition to a careful selection of songs from the in-game background music of SaGa: Scarlet Grace, there are four new songs including “Kudakareshi Hoshi,” as well as the “Hiiro no Jasei” and “Mune ni Kizande” performed SaGa Orchestra Concert 2016. (There are are 15 to 20 songs in total.)
  • SaGa: Scarlet Grace 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – Featuring a Tomomoi Kobayashi illustration. Width is 75 cm, height is 50 cm.
  • Bonus #1: Item Code for PC Browser Game Imperial SaGa
  • Bonus #2: Original Postcard Illustrated by Tomomi Kobayashi


Developer Interview (Part 1):

SaGa Scarlet Grace – Hiiro no Yabou will be releasing in Japan on 9th August. No Western version has been announced.


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