Gal Gun 2 | Euphoria
Title Gal*Gun 2
Developer Inti Creates
Publisher PQube Games
Release Date April 12th 2018
Genre Shooter
Platform PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Age Rating Mature
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Once again it is time to visit a world filled with angels, demons, and pheromones in Gal*Gun 2. I had a lot of fun with Gal*Gun Double Peace when it released back in 2016 despite a few nitpicks in the game play. This entry promises a new lovable cast, new weapons and an even crazier experience than last time! Let’s see if it delivers.

The story starts as you begin your typical day at the academy when all of the sudden a strange app appears on your phone. Once you open this app a box appears on your desk with a pair of googles and the strangest sweeper you’ve ever seen. You then see an angel named Risu. She’s a newcomer to the Angel Ring Company but she has been tasked with cleaning up the demon infestation at the school. You are now on a 20 day quest to vacuum up all the demons and defeat the cutest… err most diabolical demon of all, Kurona!

Gal*Gun 2 | Demon Suck

I honestly loved the game’s story. There are a few different endings depending on which of the girls’ quests you decide to take. Nanako is your childhood friend and Chiru is the most adorable shut-in anyone could ever live beside (I think I’m a little biased here). Anyways, both girls stories were unique in different ways and giving each one a couple of endings was a nice touch as well. You can also spend time with the other girls in the Rendezvous. They each have some great quirks and playing around with each of them in Doki Doki mode is just sheer entertainment.

Graphically the game is an improvement over the last game. While I don’t think the graphics have improved leaps and bounds, everything is clearer and more detailed. All of the girls look great with lots of details on their models. I mean, you gotta get that shimapan right down to the last stripe, right? The framerate is a solid 60 FPS but sometimes when using the sweeping there is a delay for just a split second in moving. This may be patched out later and doesn’t really effect anything, but it’s worth mentioning.

Gal Gun 2 | Euphoria

The music in the game is OK, but I’m going to be honest here, you’re not going to notice it much when hearing the girls cries of ecstasy. The cast they assembled for this game does a fantastic job and if you play this in public with the volume up, folks will notice, which I personally think would be funny as hell. Each girls voice fits their character really well and PQube Games has done a great job with the localization here. It really brings these characters to life. This one is Japanese audio only with no English Dub, but man it would have been entertaining.

Gal*Gun 2 | Doki Doki

The gameplay here is a lot like the last game. Each stage will play out with you shooting your Pheromone Gun at the love crazed girls while on rails. This time around some stages offer different paths to spice up the gameplay. You still shoot the girls in their special spots to achieve an Ecstasy Shot, but there are lot more little Kuronas to deal with this time around. This would be a pain if you had to shoot them all, but luckily you have a handy dandy sweeper to just suck them right up! You can also suck the clothes right off the girls, and this is very helpful when being mobbed. One other big change is Doki Doki mode is reserved for events and in the aforementioned Rendezvous. This was a good change since it made the gameplay on each stage flow much better this time.

Gal*Gun 2 | Saved

At the beginning of each day you will start in the classroom. You can interact with Nanako here or look at your cellphone to start a mission. There are three different types of missions, which include demon capture, defend the girls, or an item hunt. The missions will also be labeled main or sub mission and it will show which girl is making the request. Upon completing these requests you will earn Angel Points, snack rewards and phone numbers. Angel Points will earn you rewards from the company that arrive in a box at your room at night. These rewards can be items to decorate your room, costumes or snacks. These are used to help you build affection with the ladies. Nothing will get you closer to a gal’s heart faster than chocolate, after all. Phone numbers let you call girls in for Rendezvous. Time will not pass when calling the girls and you can interact with them in a few different ways. Staring at different parts of their body will have them say different lines. This a lot like the dressing room in Senran Kagura. Using Fantasize will trigger Doki Doki mode and you will have to expel some demons from your waifu’s body! You can also change their clothing and poses in this mode.  After about 3 missions the day will be over and you will be in your room. Aside from decorating you can spend time with Chiru whose window is not far from yours. You have 30 days of game time to obtain whatever ending you’re going for, and the game will let you know when it is available. You can even skip straight to the last day to watch it right then, and start a new game+ to see the others.

Gal* Gun 2 | Step

I have to say I really enjoyed my time with Gal*Gun 2. The gameplay flows much better than the first time around. While I found this game a little on easy side I think that actually helped the tone feel more silly, which is what they were going for here. I had a few issues with objects being sucked into my sweeper and blocking my aim and few other random glitches, but it was not enough to spoil my fun at all. Spent around 10 hours with this one and obtained 3 endings. There are couple more you could go for here, and the score attack mode is pretty nice as well since it seems gives you a little more freedom in exploring each level, so I feel there is plenty of bang for your buck here at $60. If you were a fan of Gal*Gun Double Peace this is a no-brainer, pick this up ASAP. If you like Rail Shooters you’ll find a lot to love here as well. You can even use Gyro aiming on the PlayStation 4 if you wish. I played with this a few minutes and it functioned well it seems, but I’m not a big fan of motion controls. At the end of the day if you want some over the top fun with cute girls and some crazy Ecchi, Gal*Gun 2 will deliver.

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