UPDATE: Earlier this morning, Manticore – Galaxy on Fire had a release date of TBD. Now it is officially out on the eShop.

I know I said last week’s Nintendo Download was a short one, but this one might be even more bite sized. Normally there are a handful of big name games Nintendo prioritizes, but there’s only one this week, and it’s one I’m personally not a fan of. Nevertheless, there are other things to enjoy this week, such as sales, new digital content and even some news for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Let’s get started.

Nintendo Download | South Park: The Fractured But Whole

This won’t make me any friends, but I’m not a fan of South Park. At all. That said, I realize I’m in the minority, so I’ll still mention the release of South Park: The Fractured But Whole on the Switch early next week (it hurt to type that). I’m continually surprised at the games released on the Nintendo Switch. If you were upset about censorship with earlier Nintendo consoles, you should appreciate that you can find all sorts of stuff these days. The latest South Park game will officially hit next Tuesday, so be get ready.

Nintendo Download | Paper Wars CFD

Now onto something more palatable. The Game Guide is still behaving (small miracle), so there are plenty of sales to cover this week. Fans of tactical mayhem might enjoy Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder Devastated (Switch) for $4.99; if you like quirky adventure games, check out Subsurface Circular (Switch) for $4.79; to puzzle with a friend, try out Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition (Switch) for 5.99; if you love dark and atmospheric games, you need to try Darkest Dungeon (Switch) for $21.24; if you wondered what Bomberman mixed with 5 Nights at Freddy would look like, give Brawl (Switch) a shot for $7.99; if you need more RPGs, check out DragonFangZ – The Rose & Dungeon of Time (Switch) for $19.99; if you need more topdown gunplay, you need JYDGE (Switch) for $8.99; for portable dungeoneering, you might enjoy Alchemic Dungeons (3DS) for $4; for those feeling retro, try Galaxy Blaster (Wii U) for $0.99; for something quirky and charming, check out Fairune 2 (3DS) for $5.59; for a fighting game, you might enjoy Steel Rivals (Wii U) for $4.89 and finally, if you haven’t played it yet, you deserve to experience Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (3DS) for $14.99. To see the full list of games on sale, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

For another series I could care less about, let’s talk real quick about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. It’s getting an update with the following added features:

New features and animals have arrived! The Fortune Cookie Shop is now open in Market Place. When you eat one of the cookies available there, you will get a random item based on the type of cookie. You can obtain fortune cookies with Bells and Leaf Tickets—some of which can be traded with Bells but some may be acquired trading in Leaf Tickets. Everyone’s favorite frequently lost seagull, Gulliver, has arrived on Sunburst Island to help you get rid of your extra furniture or clothing. Gulliver will load your extra items onto his cargo ship and when he returns you can get snacks, which you can give to your animal buddies to become better friends with them. There’s always something fun and exciting going on at the campsite. Be sure to check in frequently!

Nintendo Download | Death Road to Canada

I wish I could say all the following digital games are out this week, but the fact remains several are coming out at a later date. The following are coming out either next week or at an undisclosed future date. For fans of the Apocalypse, next week you can pick up the rogue adventures of Death Road to Canada. If you love shooting things in space, at some future date Manticore – Galaxy on Fire will release. Fans of strange and unique visual takes in games will enjoy Where Are My Friends?, which features multiple genres in one game. And lastly, if you love shooting demons away from aroused women, Gal*Gun 2 hits the Switch next week!

Nintendo Download | Wild Guns Reloaded

The following games are out this week. Fans of retro can enjoy the latest ACA NEOGEO Fatal Fury Real Bout Special. If you like racing games to be more violent, check out BAFL – Brakes Are For Losers. Adventure game fans will want to check out The Way Remastered. And finally, if you love new takes on classic games, then you’ll love Wild Guns Reloaded! Not a bad week, but I certainly hope there’s a lot more stuff next time. Tune in to oprainfall next week for the latest Nintendo Download, and let us know what games you’re interested in playing!

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