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Eat Beat Deadspike-san gameplay

Arc System Works has announced that Eat Beat Deadspike-san, the mobile rhythm spin-off game to their BlazBlue fighting game series, will be coming to Nintendo Switch. The game follows the creature summoned by Ragna’s Dead Spike attack, as he eats an assortment of food to get stronger. This is done using the L and R buttons along with the music to eat food and other things as they come.

Arc System Works released a trailer for the Switch version of Eat Beat Deadspike-san:

The game launches with a total of 20 tracks, including all 17 free and paid songs from the mobile version along with three new tracks. The full list is as follows:

  • Rebellion II (Ragna’s theme)
  • Bullet Dance II (Noel’s theme)
  • Condemnation Wings II (Tsubaki’s theme)
  • Catus Carnival II (Taokaka’s theme)
  • Reppuu II (Bang’s regular theme)
  • Oriental Flower II (Litchi’s theme)
  • Queen of Rose II (Rachel’s theme)
  • SUSANOOH II (Hakumen’s theme)
  • Endless Despair II (Hazama’s boss theme)
  • Lust SIN II (Jin’s theme)
  • Gluttony Fang II (Hazama’s regular theme)
  • MOTOR HEAD II (Tager’s theme)
  • Marionette Purple II (Carl’s theme)
  • Plastic Night II (Relius’ theme)
  • Active Angel II (Platinum’s theme)
  • Alexandrite II (Makoto’s theme)
  • Science Fiction (Kokonoe’s theme)
  • BlazBlue Centralfiction opening (arcade version)
  • MUST DIE (Susanoo’s theme)
  • VARIABLE HEART (Mai’s theme)

The last three are new additions to the Switch release. In addition to Dead Spike-san and Ragna, players will also be able to play as Ouroboros and Hazama as well as Nirvana and Carl, previously available as paid DLC for the mobile version.

Full information for the game can be found on the official site. Eat Beat Deadspike-san will launch on the Switch eShop on March 22 for $6.99 USD.

Chris Melchin
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