Today MangaGamer has confirmed the release date for the long awaited 2nd chapter in the Supipara – Alice the magical conductor story. The 2nd chapter will release on both Steam and MangaGamer’s site on April 12th. This visual novel is being produced by minori, they have created titles such as Eden and the ef series. Just like with the first entry proceeds from sales will go towards funding the remaining 3 chapters of the story.

Here’s a bit about this chapter:

In this second chapter of Supipara, Yukinari’s life is interrupted by the blonde, half-French girl, Hotaru. What trouble awaits him as he’s dragged along by her unique personality and sharp tongue? What is this sense of deja vu? With Rikka around to take care of things at home, Yukinari has more time to focus on himself, but something feels off. Maybe it’s not important… or is it?

This chapter will retail for $14.95, but there is a launch discount which drops the price to $13.45. You can check out my review of the 1st chapter if you would like to know more about this awesome story.

Steve Baltimore
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