Koropokkur in Love

Koropokkur in Love

MangaGamer has announced that they will be making their first attempt to develop a visual novel. Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~ has a Kickstarter page up, but isn’t live just yet. The campaign has a goal of $30,000 and offers a number of reward tiers that include the usual types of items such as, a physical edition of the game, original soundtrack, and a number of other goods. Art and character design will be done by Hinoue Itaru whose done work on Kanon, CLANNAD, and Rewrite. Here’s a brief description from the Kickstarter’s page.

“Let your heart be warmed by the cute, adorable Koropokkur!

Koropokkur in Love is a tale of a young woman who, after venturing out of her isolated village, experiences love and a vast, brand-new world for the very first time. Amusing troubles await her as she struggles to maintain her human-sized form with the help of her magic powers.

The refreshing, at-home atmosphere of the story, cafe, and characters will bring a smile to your face, and possibly, a tear to your eye.”

The campaign for the project will go live on March 13. You can take a look at the game’s Kickstarter page below.


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