Today is an interesting Nintendo Download. While there are some truly fun games, it’s more of a rehash than recently. There’s some good stuff and some truly weird stuff. And best of all, the Game Guide is behaving once more. So let’s see what’s worth playing.

Nintendo Download | Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus

If you love retro, then you might enjoy Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus. While it might not be the most amazing modern take on retro, it looks to offer a lot of crazy variety. Also noteworthy is that Payday 2 is coming to the Switch in just a few days. While I personally could care less about the genre, it’s not every day you get to rob banks and blast away your foes on Nintendo. Lastly, the fantastic Metroidvania, SteamWorld Dig 2, has returned to the 3DS, and it apparently runs at a smooth 60 FPS. So if you didn’t pick it up on Switch for some reason, now you have no excuse not to check it out. Also today is a massive free update for Super Mario Odyssey. But if you want the full details, just click here for the goods.

Nintendo Download | SteamWorld Dig 2 3DS

Next up, I mentioned the Game Guide was functioning, yes? Here are some compelling looking titles worth checking out. You can pick up Nuclien (Switch) for only $2.99; the bloody Slain: Back From Hell (Switch) is a bit cheaper at $15.99; the colorful Caveman Warriors (Switch) is down to $9.09; Serial Cleaner (Switch) is only $7.49; if you like survival games, The Flame In the Flood: Complete Edition (Switch) is $7.49; Slime-san (Switch) is a mere $8.03; Brave Dungeon (3DS) is really affordable at $2.50; forma.8 (Wii U) is well worth owning for only $5.99; Terraria (Wii U) is really cheap at $14.99; Squids Odyssey (3DS and Wii U) looks charming for only $5.99; and finally, Abyss (Wii U) is a pittance at $0.99. Some nice deals for all Nintendo consoles, but you can find more by clicking here.

Nintendo Download | Hollow

Like always, we’ll be closing the Nintendo Download out with some fun new digital games. If you don’t mind a little wait, you can pick up Bridge Constructor Portal next week, and Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition tomorrow. For those that love retro, check out this trio today – ACA NEOGEO Magical Drop III, Arcade Archives Heroic Episode and Dragon Sinker. If you’re looking for a little more horror in your life, check out Hollow and The Final Station. To support some indies, check out Toki Tori 2+ and Membrane. And finally, if you want fish with laser eyes, check out the odd Ace of Seafood.

Nintendo Download | Membrane

Interesting lineup, huh? Maybe not as exciting as previous weeks this month, but not bad either. Be sure to check back with oprainfall next week for the latest information on Nintendo games worth your time.

Nintendo Download | Ace of Seafood

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