3DS Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney

Japan’s been getting all the Ace Attorney love, lately. They got a 5th game in the works, a live-action movie, and the upcoming crossover with Professor Layton in Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. This left western Ace Attorney fans like myself to complain until I’m as blue in the mouth as Phoenix’s suit. Some hope was recently raised when a few French retailers were discovered to have listings for the game’s release in December.

This is by no means a confirmation of the game’s localization, though. As you remember, Amazon still had a listing for Xenoblade Chronicles back when it was called Monado: Beginning of the World. That being said, I sincerely hope this leads to an international localization so I can get my Ace Attorney fix and go back to complaining about Viewtiful Joe not getting a third game.


Check out Amazon for Professor Layton games that are available on the 3DS in the West.

Kyle Emch
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