MangaGamer has set a date for the follow up to the bouncy Funbag Fantasy, Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story. Taking place after the events of Funbag Fantasy, our hero, Lute Hende, finds that being King isn’t an easy job. Though he is happy with his peaceful rule others are not pleased with his leadership that includes a demonic succubus by his side. Can he survive the assassination attempts, will his kingdom survive threats sent to undermine his rule and can their economy withstand foreign sanctions imposed upon their export of bras? 

You can pre-order now over on MangaGamer’s site and get a 10% discount. The title will release on March 22nd, and there are also some very NSFW sample CGs for your viewing pleasure.

Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story
A year and a half has passed since Lute Hende, the lowest graduate of the Knight Academy, ascended the throne of Edelland. The kingdom has seemingly secured itself lasting peace as an invasion from the neighboring Kingdom of Lingobard has been repelled. Even King Lute himself spends peaceful days cuddling with six beauties when he is free from his official duties.

However, having been routed by General Gladys, the king of Lingobard, Bazalt I, has vowed to retaliate for the disgrace and begins devising a sinister plot. Meanwhile, in one of the major powers of Eurodia, the Kingdom of Fronce, start to appear those who resent the sudden rise of Edelland. The most prominent figure among them is the grand chamberlain of Fronce, Marquis Cuvier. In his plot to crush Edelland, he sets his sight on the succubus queen-consort, Shamsiel. And he is not the only one who finds Shamsiel’s existence troublesome. Voices of dissent about the succubus queen rise in the State of Vacatin, the central point of reference of the Church of Holy Rood—Eurodia’s most widespread religion.

Oblivious to the looming danger are Lute and Shamsiel, aiming-to-wed Gladys, and Lute-devotee Prime Minister Emeralia. What kind of show awaits our heroes facing three powerful opponents: the Kingdom of Lingobard, the Kingdom of Fronce, and the State of Vacatin?

Steve Baltimore
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