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In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, developer Neowiz came out with new information regarding the impending western launch of rhythm game DJMAX Respect. We already knew that the game was releasing digitally on March 6, but now we have some more information, along with a couple new trailers.

The first of the new trailers is the launch trailer, a slightly changed version of the trailer shown off at PlayStation Experience last year:

Not including DLC, DJMAX Respect has 147 songs in total, including 40 new songs, while returning songs have had their videos remastered to run at 1080p and 60 frames per second. On top of that, all of the DLC currently available in the Asian versions will be released within the first month of release in the west, including the collaboration sets like Guilty Gear, Girls’ Frontline and Brown Dust. Between the base game and all the DLC, the game includes every song from past DJMAX games, the last console installment of which was DJMAX Technica Tune on PS Vita, released back in 2012.

In addition, there were two gameplay trailers, showing off the songs “2nite” and “UAD” in the game:

DJMAX Respect releases digital-only on PS4 on March 6 in the west.

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