Langrisser Re:Incarnate -TENSEI-

Aksys Games made a big announcement today, revealing a new localization in the Langrisser franchise — a first since the original game in 1991, localized for the SEGA Genesis as Warsong. The game, which is also the first main series game since 1998, is a 3DS strategy simulation RPG known as Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI-. North American gamers can expect to see this sometime early next year. And although this isn’t a European announcement, I’m sure we’ll be hearing something soon either from Aksys themselves or from one of their business partners like Rising Star Games.

As for what key features you will see when the game releases, here’s a little bit of what Aksys had to say:

The Hero’s Path
Branching story paths will present themselves during battle based on the choices you make. Will your heroic deeds blaze a righteous path to glory or will your villainous treachery lead you down the road to ruin? The balance of the fates hangs heavy as your choices define the course of battle!

Who Will You Fight For?
3 unique factions desperately need your command skills! Will you lead the armies of light to victory in the name of your Goddess? Will you side with the enigmatic forces of darkness and embrace chaos or will you take the reins of an ancient imperial juggernaut?  Forge your legendary command skills in the fires of war!

Your Cunning Will Be Tested
100+ hours of gameplay ensure your war chest will never run low! Choose mercenaries from the guild, shop for stronger gear and gather tide turning items in your unending quest for tactical supremacy! An epic campaign, divergent battle routes and bonus secrets will push your strategic skills to the limit!

Be sure to stick around as more comes in about this game. You can also check out the game’s official website by clicking here. And be sure to check out some shots from the game below.

Langrisser Re:Incarnate -TENSEI- 01 Langrisser Re:Incarnate -TENSEI- 02
Langrisser Re:Incarnate -TENSEI- 03 Langrisser Re:Incarnate -TENSEI- 04


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