Publisher Inti Creates has shared screenshots giving an intimate and revealing look at the “Torn School Swimsuit” DLC to be included in Gal*Gun 2. Early printings of the PS4 and Nintendo Switch’s retail edition will come as a downloadable code insert of the skimpy attire. A special limited edition of Gal*Gun 2 will also hit Japan packaged with the game, a radio drama CD, and a 40-page art book.

To prime players for the launch of the titillating shooter, Inti Creates will be hosting a “Gal*Gun 2 TV” broadcast on Wednesday, February 28th from 21:00 to 22:00 JST. It will broadcast online across YouTube, Nico Nico, and Fresh (Nico Nico requires memberships to watch).

Gal*Gun 2 launches in Japan on March 15th for PS4 and Switch. The game launches in the west (but not officially in Germany) later this spring, with no word on the freely included code for the swimwear or if the limited edition will release westward.

Alex Irish
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