Well, it’s another good week for the Nintendo Download. Perhaps not as exciting as last week, but there’s still plenty to enjoy here, including some amazing ports, digital sales and other good stuff. While I’ve busily been playing through the newly released Dandara this week, there are a bunch more great indies showing up soon. Let’s start with a particularly promising one.

Nintendo Download | Owlboy

Yes, indie platformer Owlboy is coming to the Nintendo Switch next week! To be exact, it’s hitting the eShop on February 13th, bringing the beautifully animated game to the Nintendo roster. Another fantastic game that comes out the exact same day is the remake of a fantastic time travel RPG, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. I loved the original, but you can read all about the new version when our review of it goes live sometime soon. Besides those two, we also have Dragon Quest Builders, releasing on the Switch, and Aegis Defenders. But that’s not all that’s coming out this week, we also have a functioning Game Guide, so next we’ll cover some good sales.

Nintendo Download | Aegis Defenders

While there aren’t a ton of new sales this week, the ones we have are pretty solid discounts on newly released Switch games. First, you can scratch your Bomberman itch with the dark game Brawl for $7.99; Frederic: Resurrection of Music is cheap at $3.99; frenetic action game Bleed is pretty affordable at $11.24; if you enjoy the ridiculous fun of Rocket League, you can get it a bit cheaper at $14.99; Sparkle 2 Evo looks fun for $2.49; trippy adventure game Perception is discounted to $11.99; Violett looks charming for only $4.99 and lastly, crazy hybrid Golf Story might be worth picking up for $11.99. Pretty good selection of newish Switch games, but you can find the full list here.

Nintendo Download | The Fall Part 2: Unbound

Finally, let’s close out with some great digital offerings. First, there are two great looking titles coming out next week. The first is The Longest 5 Minutes, a crazy looking RPG experience from NISA. Though it comes out next week, you can read how our own Steve Baltimore enjoyed it in his review. Then, the atmospheric narrative game The Fall is finally getting a sequel in The Fall Part 2 – Unbound. You’ll be able to find out what that’s like later on when our review of it goes live.

Nintendo Download | Aperion Cyberstorm

As for games out this week, let’s start with some retro goodness. ACA NEOGEO is making sports interesting with 2020 Super Baseball (because the word “super” makes everything better, right?). Then Arcade Archives is unveiling the vertical antics of Crazy Climber. Also on the retro front, the oddly named vertical shooters Imagefight and Imagefight 2 are hitting the Wii U Virtual Console. The Mercenaries games are making the Switch and bringing us all three games in Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, along with some minor improvements. If you love SHMUP madness, you should check out Aperion Cyberstorm on both Switch and Wii U. And last but not least, if you love out of this world platforming, check out ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun. I reviewed it back when it released on Steam, and it was equal parts fun and sweat inducing madness. That’s a pretty good selection of games and ports, if I say so myself.

Nintendo Download | Atomik Rungunjumpgun

So, not a bad week for the Nintendo Download, eh? Granted the games I’m most interested in are primarily releasing early next week, but there’s still a lot to enjoy here. Tune in to oprainfall next Thursday for the latest info on Nintendo games worth checking out.

Josh Speer
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