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KEMCO has just released Dragon Sinker today in the North American PlayStation Store for $14.99. This game supports Cross Buy and is available for both PS4 and PS Vita. Also, PS Plus users will receive 10% off during the first two weeks!

Dragon Sinker returns to the golden age of RPGs, with this title including both 8-bit graphics and sound. It’s the perfect RPG for those hungry for a game full of the nostalgia of games of our past. You’ll join forces with humans, elves and dwarves and go on a journey to slay the evil dragon, Wyrmvarg. This title features battles of up to 12 party members, where you freely swap between 3 teams and take on numerous strong foes. By making use of the traits and abilities of different races and jobs, team leaders and members will be able to take advantage of a multitude of effects. Scour the world in search of new friends and collect over 16 jobs.  By mastering the skills of each job you’ll find battles play out in many exhilarating ways. And it doesn’t stop there, depending on the job character outfits will change, giving you 8-bit game lovers even more to enjoy. Check out Dragon Sinker‘s trailer below.



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