Peach Beach Splash | Surviving the Survival Mode

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NSFW Warning: The following video contains slippery sexy shinobi spraying sensational showers skillfully. Or, in other words, this is Senran Kagura, why would you watch this at work?

Episode 20: Surviving the Survival Mode

Welcome back to another episode of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash!

Today we tackle the final obstacle in our path of PBS dominance: Survival Mode!

However, things are not a simple as it seems. For you see, Survival Mode is meant to be played online with others. So, what happens when we decide to tackle it with four CPU-allies?

Looks like Super Sonico has her work cut out for her this week on Peach Beach Splash!

Thoughts & Notes:

Well, after thinking we were almost done last time, now I can safely say we are done with all the major modes I’m going to show off in Peach Beach Splash. Survival mode is indeed the last piece of our PBS tour. So, what are my thoughts?

As a whole, I like the idea. Working together with friends to protect your towers can result in fun times and lots of neat strategies. Heck, you could have two people running around keeping the other three in Soaking Wet Power-up Mode so they can mow down anything in their way for example. Playing with the CPU however…

Well, let’s just say while they weren’t useless I still felt held back by them constantly. The mere fact they’d focus on powering each other up and not me continues to just irritate me. It makes you feel like you aren’t part of their team despite the fact you are. That said, there are times when they did help and it would have been impossible by myself I think. But yes, we are done with most of PBS.

So what’s left?

Well, I am working on cleaning up the remaining trophies so we can (hopefully) on-screen the Platinum. Getting those last few trophies and getting set-up for the dressing room will pretty much be what we are doing next time. And of course, I will give my final thoughts on PBS as a whole. It’ll be an analytical episode, but hopefully, one that will make you think.

That’s it for this time, everyone! See you next episode for the finale!

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