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I don’t normally like sports in my video games, with very few exceptions. If it’s zany and off the wall, I can usually tolerate it. Which is why I love games like Mario Kart, for example. So when I heard there’s a game called Striker’s Edge, which is like Dodgeball played with ancient warriors and magical spells, I got intrigued. Developed by Fun Punch Games and published by Playdius, Striker’s Edge officially hits today. Launching today for PC and PlayStation 4 in North America and tomorrow in Europe, it’s prepared to offer the ultimate Dodgebrawl experience. Besides hurling weapons at your foes, you also have special abilities and a variety of playable characters, including a Valkyrie, Spartan, Barbarian, Knight and much more! The entire game is rendered in delightful pixelated glory, and looks to provide a competitive experience. Even better, Striker’s Edge will have Twitch functionality, allowing you to get the crowd on your side in battle. Striker’s Edge looks like a unique vision in the sports genre. If you want to know more, read the full press release below and check out the character trailer!

Strikers Edge Goes Medieval Dodgeball on Steam and PlayStation®4 Today

Experience the Ultimate Dodgebrawl Versus Battle, Featuring Cross-Platform Play and
Integrated Twitch Mode Designed for Streamers and Viewers

Paris — Jan. 30, 2018 — Developer Fun Punch Games and global indie publisher Playdius today announced the launch of Strikers Edge. Available to download and purchase today for PC (via Steam) worldwide and PlayStation®4 (via PSN) for North America audiences, Strikers Edge delivers a new twist to classic games of dodgeball with remarkable medieval weapons and mighty ancient warriors. Players in Europe can look forward to Strikers Edge’s EU launch via PSN for PlayStation 4 starting on Jan. 31, 2018.

Delivering ultimate “Dodgebrawl” battle experience, Strikers Edge allows players to choose from a roster of eight ancient warriors from different eras and civilizations, each with unique abilities, play styles and strategies. Dodge, take cover, block, aim and scorch the earth with devastating moves! Fight online or locally across four different arenas and achieve the ultimate victory in 2v2 matches with a friend or become the best striker in 1v1 battles. When medieval fantasy meets dodgeball, only the top striker will be victorious!

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“We are eager to release Strikers Edge to the players that have been following our game from the beginning,” said Filipe Caseirito, Co-founder and Programmer at Fun Punch Games. “In addition to the cross-platform play between PC and PlayStation 4 players, we are excited to implement Twitch Mode for PC players to stream their rise to the top!”

Designed not just for players, but also with livestream audiences in mind, Strikers Edge includes a special Twitch Mode, exclusive for PC. Viewers in chat can vote on a variety of match modifiers, making for memorable and messy battles with options such as Slippery Floors or Huge Weapons! Viewers can also participate during matches by taking on the role of in-game audience members. Cheer and boo Strikers and see your actions affect matches in progress! For full details on Strikers Edge’s Twitch Mode, please head here.

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To celebrate today’s launch, Playdius and Fun Punch Games are excited to offer Steam players a 17% launch-day discount on Strikers Edge for one week at $12.44 USD. Keeping with the spirit of friendly battle, the Steam sale figure was determined by the number of community wins against the developers during the recent Strikers Edge multiplayer beta tournament. For highlights from the heated player-versus-dev battles, please head here.

PlayStation®Plus members in North America can also look forward to a 10% launch-day sale for Strikers Edge for one week, and can pick up the game via PSN for $13.49. And, PlayStation®Plus members in Europe can also look forward to a weeklong launch-day discount of 15% and can download Strikers Edge via PSN for € 12.75.

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To stay up to date on the latest from Strikers Edge, please head to the official Strikers Edge website, follow the developers at Fun Punch Games on Twitter and Facebook — and join the growing Strikers Edge community on Reddit.


Fun Punch is a small independent game development studio based in sunny Lisbon, Portugal. The team is currently working on its first game Strikers Edge. We pack a punch into our games. A fun one. Fun Punch and Strikers Edge are supported by PlayStation Ibéria.


Playdius is the publishing branch of Plug In Digital, video game distribution leader based in France. Since 2015, we are patiently building a strong line up on PC, Consoles and Mobile with games from all over the world such as Hover, Bury Me My Love, Splasher or upcoming Away and Edge of Eternity.

Our ambition is to bring to the players the very best of incredible indie production, with creative and different games that match with our motto: “Play Outside the Box”.

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