PSN 13 for '13

Sony is looking to start 2013 off on the right foot. Beginning tomorrow, thirteen games and thirteen movies will go on sale on PSN as part of their “13 for ’13” sale. Regular members will be treated to 50% off the games while PlayStation Plus subscribers will enjoy a whopping 75% discount. There are a variety of games on offer, ranging from Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 to The Unfinished Swan, so gamers should be able to find something interesting no matter what their tastes. Considering the fact that some of the games are only a few dollars, now might be a good time to dig through your couch cushions for change and try a game you wouldn’t normally buy.

The selection of movies is fairly extensive too, with several dollars off everything from genre-bending horror flick The Cabin in the Woods (a personal favourite) to animated adventure Pirates! Band of Misfits for the younger crowd. All the movies are available in both HD and standard definition at a slightly lower price.

The sale begins tomorrow, January 22, but for how long is anyone’s guess, so act soon.  For the full list of sale titles available on PSN, along with prices, click here.

Brodie Dayton-Mills
Brodie is an amateur writer schlepping his way through school and towards the film and video game industries. He joined oprainfall as an author, but quickly chiseled out his niche on the graphics team. When he's not playing Kingdom Hearts or Fire Emblem, chances are he's watching British sci-fi.