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Tetsuya Takahashi, the director of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, has announced in a new production note that Xenoblade 2 will be getting update 1.3.0 in a free patch in mid-February. It will add a New Game Plus mode called “Advanced New Game Mode.” It will also fix a bug that appeared in update 1.2.0.

Here is the note:

In the version 1.2.0 update, there is a bug in certain instances during and after Chapter 7 where a Blade linked with a specific Driver disappears from the Blade List (it only disappears from the list, the Blade itself does not disappear).
This is a bug that occurred during the process of adding the second playthrough element called “Advanced New Game Mode,” which will be implemented in the version 1.3.0 update planned for mid-February.
We apologize for the inconvenience for the about half a month that remains, but we are working hard on the development of the update, so please give us your patience.
More information regarding the specific updated content of version 1.3.0 will be shared leading up to its release.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is out now worldwide exclusively on Nintendo Switch.


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