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Anime on Netflix

In an interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times at the DealBook conference, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings spoke about their success with the ever popular service. He told the journalist :

“We’re hopeful that we’ll over time make a great Bollywood show, make a great anime show,” said Hastings, explaining that audiences would be “more segmented, but again the internet let’s you do that,” also suggesting that “the key [is] in that enablement.”

While the service is already enjoying its share of exclusive shows that are doing quite well such as Daredevil or Orange is the New Black, it seems he would be interested in expanding the genre of shows being produced as a way to reach an even larger audience. Anime is not new to Netflix as they already offer series such as Knights of Sidonia or Seven Deadly Sins  among many other series. Would you be interested in seeing Netflix produced Anime or Bollywood? Perhaps they may even take it a step further and blend the two genres. Now that would be interesting.


Justin Guillou
Justin joined Operation Rainfall to share his passion and knowledge for some of the more obscure video games out there.