Rivals of Aether

In a blog post by Dan Fornace, the mastermind behind the Smash Bros. inspired Rivals of Aether, he recaps the development of his game during 2017 and what’s in store for the future.

2017 was a big year for the brawler. It saw its official release as it left Steam’s Early Access, additional content with DLC character and stages, as well as a growing competitive scene as it was featured at many events such as Super Smash Con. Fornace also acknowledged some shortcomings. Most notably the delay of the DLC characters for XBox One users.

So what about 2018 and beyond? Well the biggest piece of news regarding the future of Rivals is the upcoming Definitive Edition, currently planned for release this summer. The Definitive Edition will include additional content and all the characters. Players who purchased the original game will receive all the non-DLC character content as well as a means to upgrade to the full Definitive Edition (presumably at a reduced cost).

Lastly he expressed his desire for a Switch port. I’m sure with the games inspiration being Nintendo’s own Super Smash Bros, Rivals of Aether would feel right at home on the console. This will be put on the back burner for now though, as the Definitive Edition is their primary concern. Game Maker Studio, the engine used to make Rivals, is also not supported on the Switch so they would need help poring the game out of Game Maker.

Aaron Evangelisti
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